Learning for Hope 6th Walk/Run for Hope - This event has already occurred

Sunday, October 27, 2019 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


Millennium Square, Liverpool south, Pickering
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The Centre Anay  works with ‘at risk’” girls and boys. A yoga program has been implemented to help with the healing process as many of these girls have suffered immense abuse and trauma from their life on the streets. As victims of human trafficking and abandonment, their innocence has been truly tested by hardship and so their efforts and enthusiasm for both kitting and yoga is overwhelming to experience.
The Centre helps prevent many of the girls and boys from ending up back on the streets, and is a vital resource in the prevention from future human trafficking. Many of the children go on to financially support themselves through the skills they’ve acquired from the Centre and so creates a greater opportunity to attend university or college. Learning to be proficient at these essential employability skills inspires self-worth and respect to diligently pursue their aspirations.
As volunteers we were giving the opportunity to work along side the children at the Centre and the local orphanages, despite their circumstances and language barriers, the children are still deeply trusting and accepting, embracing outsiders as friends. Without love and sacrifice of true devotion, nothing can grow, and so with many open hearts, much will grow, and shine to inspire the potential of their dreams.
With your kind support, we are able to continue to operate the Centre in Cusco, Peru.
I have had the opportunity to be in Cusco and experience the extraordinary job that our dear friend Carmen Muñoz does at the centre for these boys and girls. 
They are currently over 60 boys and girls that benefits from these activities. 
Learning for Hope supporters are eager to continue to raise money by means of events in our community, for example, this year we had our 5th. Bake Sale for Hope which was a success. We raised close to $2000. 
October 27th we will have our Walk/Race for Hope. Registration are online at www.runningroom.com.  Registration is also available the day of the event, but we suggest you arrive earlier to register. 
Looking forward to seeing you all at the Walk/Run on October 27th at the Millennium Square, Liverpool South, Pickering. 
Please feel free to share with you family, relatives and friends.  For the past 5 years it has been lots of fun.
Let’s keep the  MOMENTUM!


Register at www.runningroom.com 

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This event is sponsored by UFirst Wealth Investment Planning Counsel. 



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